Lonergan and Muhovics can help you lower energy costs, greenhouse gas and reduce your carbon footprint
While there are many energy service operators available, we are the best among experienced energy technicians specializing in renewable energy. This designation indicates a technician who is committed to excellence in every aspect of business, from installation, electrical testing, to customer relationships.

Lonergan and Muhovics can help you determine the right solar panel system size and design for your home with a complete on-site energy analysis. This is the best way to design a system that fits your particular home power needs.

Advanced Solar-Electrical specialises in:

  • Electrical installation
  • Solar panel system Installers
  • Solar panel system Designers
  • Sales of Solar panel systems
  • LED Installations
  • Service/Clean Panels
  • Ventilation

Why Advanced Solar-Electrical ?

  • Our commitment to customer service.
  • experience and expertise.
  • Lower your energy costs.
  • Feel good about helping the environment.
  • Years of experience in the electrical and solar industry.
  • Accredited Clean Energy Council