Roof Panels

Lonergan and Muhovics can provide a grid-connect roof mounted system to suit your budget and energy needs.  Roof-mounted systems can be installed on homes or sheds, and our custom mounts can help if your roof isn’t facing North.  Small and large scale commercial systems are also available.

What size system do I need?

You can install a solar system to cover part or all of your home energy usage, or earn some money by adding more panels and selling your excess electricity back into the grid.  Retailers pay 6 cents per kWh for the surplus power your solar system exports to the grid.

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into usable electricity. Advanced Solar-Electrical use only advanced, high wattage solar panels for all our solar installations. 
Lonergan and Muhovics use the following companies for solar panels:

Jinko Solar Panels

About JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd – JinkoSolar is a global leader in the solar PV industry with production operations in Jiangxi and Zhejiang Provinces in China and sales and marketing offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China; Munich, Germany; Bologna, Italy; Zug, Switzerland; San Francisco, the United States; Queensland, Australia; Ontario, Canada; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; and Cape Town, South Africa.


High module conversion efficiency (up to 18.85%), through superior manufacturing technology
Anti-reflective coating improves light absorption and reduces surface dust
Excellent performance in low-light irradiance environment
Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal). High salt mist and ammonia resistance

Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries capture excess, unused energy produced by your solar panels, and store it ready for use at night, during cloudy periods, or during a blackout. Storing your self-generated solar energy means you can power your home with clean, green electricity 24/7. You’ll be protected from rising electricity costs from retailers, could have power in a blackout, and you’ll be helping to protect the environment from greenhouse gases from coal-generated electricity.

  • Saves money in peak energy costs
  • Store net metered solar in batteries to use at peak time
  • Automatic switch over  in Blackouts for protected loads
  • Putting you in control of your energy production and consumption

The upcoming introduction of Time off Day Tarriffs means you can charge your battery during cheap tarriff times for use during higher charge tarriff times, this is especially useful in winter when you know it’s going to be an overcast day and little solar generation is expected.

Our favourite feature is the blackout protection mode.

All Battery systems installed by Lonergan and Muhovics include blackout protection ensuring that, when the electricity grid fails, you will always have at least lights, rainwater pump and your fridge available so long as there is a charge in your battery.  If the sun shines during the blackout, then your batteries will also charge.  In some circumstances, we can connect all your powerpoints to the battery’s blackout protected circuit, loads depending.

Our battery systems are connected to the cloud giving you realtime information on where your energy is being produced and consumed and the battery capacity. You are able to log in from any computer or smart device providing you with daily, weekly & monthly data.