Rural Pumps

Dennis Muhovics will provide the best pump for your stock /rural properties or industrial requirements.


  • Grundfos SQF2.5-2N Submersible Bore Pump in 316SS.
  • Fits 3″ and larger water bores.
  • Post Mount Array frame kit complete with – 330 watt PV panels, Array frame, cable guard, IO101 –DC isolator with input for back-up generator and CU200 SQFlex control unit.
  • SQFlex Pressure kit with 32mm Bore Cap, REverse acting Pressure switch, Pressure Gauge 0-10 Bar, 5 way tee and union and 18L Pressure Tank.
  • Includes submersible cable and pump riser pipe.
  • Available to suit your requirements.

We will provide you with a loan pump to ensure your stock have water until a new pump or parts are available.

We are agents for:

  • Lowara
  • Grundfos
  • Philmac

Grundfos Submersible pump

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